Biomass-Fired Boiler

Biomass boilers are very similar to conventional boilers, but instead of using fossil fuel (gas or oil), they combust sustainably sourced fuel. The fuel used for this kind of boilers is called Biomass Fuel. Biomass is considered a carbon-neutral renewable energy.

There are several types of Biomass fuels. Stating a few:

• Wood pellets
• Forestry residues
• Agriculture residues
• Mill residues
• Animal wastes

Biomass boilers are at the same time much more economically and ecologically attractive than the conventional boilers that use fossil fuels.

Biomass fuels are considerably cheaper than fossil fuels, which will pay off the boiler after a couple of years. They are a waste and carbon-neutral renewable energy, and hence Biomass-Fired Boilers are considered as an environmentally friendly solution.

GHADDAR Industrial & Trading est. has a very good experience in manufacturing Biomass Boilers. We are happy to help and advise you choose the product that responds to your exact needs and requirements.