Dairy & Cheese Equipment

We manufacture a full range of equipment for the production and storage of dairy and cheese products. Mozzarella Production Machine


All types of laundry chemicals in liquid, powdered and solid forms, including detergents (incl. Perc), bleaches, stain removers, fabric softeners, sprays and other chemicals.

Hot Water Tanks

Different capacities of hot water storage tanks. Heating : Steam / Electrical.

Washer Extractor

We provide a full range of industrial heavy duty washer extractors. Units can be solid/soft mount, high/low spin, microprocessor-controlled and frequency driven. All washer extractor sizes are available (7 to 120 kg). We guarantee you safety, performance and durability.


A full range of industrial dryers is available. Units can be single or double. Different loading capacities are available (7 to 90 kg). We deal with the finest European and American brands to provide you the best economical and ergonomic models and designs.

Dry Cleaning Machine

Dry cleaners use a special chemical solvent instead of water. The most used solvent is called tetrachloroethylene (perchloroethylene),  also called perc. Dry cleaning is crucial for delicate fabrics as they cannot tolerate wet washing, e.g. Silk, muslin, Suede , Cashmere, soft leather, sequins, etc. All capacities are available (10 to 40 kg).

Ironing Press

Multiple ironing and hand press dimensions available. Suitable for all garments and textile types.

Spotting Table

Spotting tables are available in different dimensions and heating power. An essential tool for dry cleaning that removes stains using steam and stain removers.

Ironing Table

A wide range of ironing boards for finishing any type of textile.

Flatwork Ironer

All roll diameters and lengths are available with electric, gas or steam heating.

Waste Fuel Filter

Waste fuel filter is used to recycle waste fuel (Used fuel) for reuse. Our innovative filters are simple and efficient. Sizes are manufactured as per customer's request.