Oil-Fired Steam Boiler

The steam boilers that we manufacture have very high and international specifications due to our profound experience in this field.
After the manufacturing, we examine and put the boiler into trial before we merchandise it, to ensure the high security standards it maintains.
Boilers could be manufactured as Fire/Water tube, Two/Three-pass and Horizontal/Vertical style, depending on the customer needs.

Our boilers possess many specifications:

• Very high heat power
• Easy to operate and fast in production
• State-of-the-art fully-automatic boiler operation
• Photocell to monitor the fire

We have examined our products and worked very hard to develop our product to commensurate with the new industry demands, and to fulfill the local, the middle east and the African market needs. We offer to our customers a state-of-the-art product with long-term after-sale services.

GHADDAR boilers are available in a wide range of steam generating capacities from 25 Kg/hr to 10000 Kg/hr: